When we consider Venus, we right away consider love and fulfillment it brings our direction. In any case, with Venus presently in the indication of Aries, we need to see its opposing sides as well, or we will not have the option to fix what is broken in its inward world and our universe of partnerships and love. While it is a planet, everything being equal, fellowship, evil, and feelings appeared in the actual world, it is additionally a goddess of prostitution, treachery, corruption, and avarice. Therefore, comprehending its reality very well may be ideal, to begin with, noticing the actual planet.  venus planet




Venus is the hottest planet in the Solar framework. Its environment is somewhat loathsome, for it is covered with billows of sulfuric corrosive that never let the Sun’s light contact its surface. These mists don’t permit us to perceive what it covers up by the same token. The crucial factor one would feel if they chose to visit would be near that you’d feel around 900 meters into the sea. Its temperatures remain nearby 460 degrees Celsius, and its surface is a desert with the most exceptional volcanic action of the relative multitude of planets that circle the Sun. Curiously, from our viewpoint, it is the most brilliant look at the light in the sky (aside from the Sun and the Moon), our controlling light, and our great motivation for authors and writers as morning and evening stars. 




In Astrology, Venus manages the indication of Taurus and the sign of Libra, both representing the magnificence of touch, detection, feelings, connections, and artistry. 


We will track down that the most pernicious star of all – Algol, actually remains in the indication of Taurus, and it has effectively been there for around 2,000 years. It is a token of the cut of Medusa’s head in the fanciful foundation of the sign. Not exclusively did Medusa’s look transform others into stone, yet it kept on doing so even after her passing when her head was utilized as a weapon. Something else to remember here is how the tale of Medusa talks about a typical young lady who (contingent upon the variant of the fantasy) got either assaulted or deceived, pregnant and deserted, and transformed into a “beast” through her fury and enthusiastic agony. 


It can be seen as a romantic tale that prompted extreme destruction. It advises us that the solitary thing we can do to be brave is to execute our desirous, hurt, noxious female nature inside. It is the most prominent female hurt in the actual universe of man-centric strength and natural sexual craving. To add to that, the legend of Taurus discusses selling out among ladies and envy that makes them hurt each other, regardless of whether it takes a pursuit to the furthest limit of the world. 


Then again, Venus administers the indication of Libra – the sign that ascents from the fall of Venus in Virgo, to lead it to disservice in Scorpio. It is a brilliant spot between two limits of its excusal and conveys inside the fantasy of Astraea, who got disillusioned by the whole human race. Measures spirits to conclude who is going to get to hell. The complete 50% of Libra is named Via Combust or “The Burnt Trail,” and as far as possible up to the fifteenth level of Scorpio, impacts of this street of annihilation are noticed. 




To be genuine about its job in our graph, we need to see both positive and negative sides to Venus and understand that it is only a planet. Its legendary job is that of adoration, feeling, sexuality, ripeness, appeal, and excellence. Yet, the motivation it gives can be found in Hell itself, very much like it very well may be found in shining feelings of connection, love, and energy. The power separates us and causes us to feel great, the leader of the bit of birth on the third level of Taurus just as the one to address a desirous, furious, deserted, assaulted ladies and the loss of pregnancy itself. It is an ideal equilibrium in Libra similarly, however much it decides compulsiveness and excusal that remove colors from life and face us with every one of our apprehensions. 


Our Venus’s entire undertaking is to figure out how to manifest through our everyday schedule with a specific effortlessness, adaptability, and a rich, beguiling and adoring articulation in the progression of confidence, truth, and dedication to Pisces, the sign that lifts it. It will be communicated through our gifts and our central goal and should convey a mystery to be fulfilled, covered up under its mists to keep us interested and propelled. Our practical perspectives may execute a portion of its sorcery. 


In any case, when we are calm to rest by its secrets, we may neglect to see our area of fulfillment and all the magnificence we can accomplish in this lifetime if we face what’s going on. Its objective is effectiveness and giving up, yet it is frequently wounded and harmed to remind us to fix what is broken and alter our point of view until we see things as beautiful similarly as they are. Our principal objective ought to be an impartial viewpoint that permits us to have confidence in excellence and see it in all its colorful acidic, bubbling, forcing magnificence, being a supernatural occurrence similarly for what it’s worth – ideal for the Sun that holds it close.




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